Inventor of the "talking songs" weirdo folk music genre, American musician Adam Gnade releases a series of cassette tapes and books that share characters and continue each other's plotlines, "a shared universe of stories" he says. Gnade has recorded "talking songs" with members of Modest Mouse, Youthmovies, The Locust, Gang of Four, Dead Cross, Chad Valley, Retox, 65daysofstatic, and many more. He is also the author of one book of nonfiction, the DIY Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad, which he says is "a total fluke and has nothing to do with my books and records series." Nevertheless it has topped indie lit bestseller lists worldwide since its release in 2013, including four years in the #1 spot from Powell's Books. His novels and records are released by Justin Pearson's Three One G label and Pioneers Press. The latest of these is Voicemails from the Great Satan.


We are super excited to announce that Youthmovies will be joining Adam Gnade at this show in London as a surprise warm up for their reunion shows in Oxford. The two shows in Oxford will be celebrating 10 years of Good Nature and raising money for the Michael Barry Fund.


Since 2009 Mat Riviere has released 2 albums and 1 EP of pop music and played a bunch of shows. A new album called ‘Accident Book’ will come out in 2018 probably, it is about being terrified.

Adam Gnade / Youthmovies / Mat Riviere

07 Mar 2018

+ special guests

Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln
E8 2EB



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