Angel-Ho is an artist assured of their own destiny. Over the past four years, the sonic and stylistic savant (born Angelo Valerio) has managed to build a global following out of their explorations of concepts revolving around classism, identity and gender through an amalgamation of their unrelentingly experimental electronic music and glamorous sense of style and couture. However, with plans to release their debut album later this year, Angel-Ho is looking to enter the next phase of their career: that of becoming a pop icon. " - Dan Charles

Angel-Ho is a neo-pop recording artist transforming elements genres into new musical territories. She will be performing her debut album that features dance, live vocal story telling and expression of the "feminine trans queenie" that proves to be the workings of a future pop force in global music.


FAKA, a cultural movement established by Fela Gucci and Desire Marea, has come to represent more than the “performance art duo” descriptor that has defined the collective since their inception in 2015.

The artists explore a combination of mediums ranging from sound, live performance, literature, video and photography, to create an eclectic aesthetic with which they express their ideas about themes central to their experience as black queer bodies navigating the cis-hetero-topia of post-colonial Africa.

The collective debuted at the BubblegumClubbb Nights held at the Hazard Gallery in 2015, where they presented #Wait Lorraine: A Wemmer Pan-African Introduction to Siyakaka Feminism. In the same year, they released their popular ode to Brenda Fassie, a video piece titled From A Distance. The following year (2016) was defined by the duo’s release of the Bottoms Revenge EP, a collection of Ancestral Gqom-Gospel sounds,  as well as a much-talked-about live installation of The Factory at Stevenson Gallery’s SEX show.

Angel Ho / Faka

21 Jun 2018


33-35 Stoke Newington Rd
N16 8BJ



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