Baba Ali started out in the experimental funk duo Voices Of Black before realeasing his first solo project in 2017, the Nomad EP. The EP's rhythmically hypnotic and bluesy second track Cog in the Wheel quickly became a hit in the underground dance scene. After moving from New York to London while finishing his masters in art at Goldsmiths College, Baba Ali followed up his debut with the electrified foot-stomper I've Been Voodoo’d, before signing to Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records and releasing his current EP ‘This House’, which he recorded and produced with The Kills’ Jamie Hince. On stage, Baba Ali's magnetic showmanship has gained admiration from critics, fans and fellow artists alike.


Feng Suave, or ‘Smooth Wind’, [|ˌfʌŋˈswɑːv |] are a Dutch psych-pop duo from Amsterdam, Netherlands. After dropping a few tracks on the internet at the end of 2017, the pair created such a buzz, tallying up 3million + online plays and placements across various tastemakers on YouTube, Soundcloud and Instagram alike. Within the Feng Suave sound, the warbles of warm synth work team up with lo-fi percussions and chilled-out vocals, not to mention the sea-sick and stoned guitars that layer within the music smoothly.

Baba Ali / Feng Suave

12 May 2020

Peckham Audio

133 Rye Ln, Peckham
SE15 4ST



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