Space Rock Psych Warriors Black Mountain announce their forthcoming album, Destroyer, out May 24 via Jagjaguwar. They also share their blistering lead single, “Future Shade,” which has a riff that “travelled around the world then hit the bong with a chorus a year and a half later,” says Stephen McBean. “A last attempt at double frosting produced a chorus on chorus death match.  Anxiety is the new heavy metal.”

Black Mountain’s Stephen McBean turned 16 after Woodstock but before Varg started burning down Norwegian churches. And yet, until just two short years ago, McBean had lived his entire adolescence and adult life without a proper driver’s license, that first and most coveted ticket to personal independence. Black Mountain’s new album, Destroyer, is imbued with all that wild-ass freedom and newfound agency (and anxiety and fear) that comes with one's first time behind the wheel.


In October 2018, London band Mass Datura were deep in the French countryside, holed up at Capitola Analogue, studio of French producer and drummer Nico Brusq. There they recorded 11 tracks straight to tape, capturing band leader Thomas’ Rowe’s songs with an immediate energy and analogue warmth. The resulting album, Wish Untitled, is a personal, but willingly shared, journey through the emotional upheavals we’re all familiar with; fractured companionships, the perils of damaging dependency and crumbling under the weight of a world that doesn’t care.

Black Mountain / Mass Datura

22 Oct 2019

The Garage

20-22 Highbury Corner, Highbury East
N5 1RD



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