Blueprint Blue are lost in space. Their debut album, Tourist – self-released on their own Toadspin Records on 26th April – is a ten-track examination of love, the human condition and the future, set to pristine, jazzy pop-rock. “We’ve learned how to make poppier music,” says singer Elliot Hayward. “In our attempts to get to Stevie Wonder, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, the highest form of this music, we find ourselves somewhere else. Now, we have songs people could feasibly dance to…”

Come see the quartet live at The Waiting Room to launch their new album. Free tickets are on sale now!


Alan Power is a UK based singer, songwriter, recording artist and comedian.

Like something out of Phoenix Nights, Power emerged from nowhere early last year following a series of much talked about live appearances.

Spending the latter half of 2018 making an Album and touring extensively, he sold out two London shows with no music online, and shared a stage with The Vaccines, Matt Maltese, Jack Ladder, Spector, Nick Allbrook and The International Teachers Of Pop among others.

His music is rooted in traditional country and folk with notable leanings towards the abstract / post punk and experimental. His live show has provoked attention for its unconventional nature and unpredictability.

His first offering, Prodigal Son, released in Jan 19 – tells the story of a man on the road to nowhere. Painting a picture of the apparent struggles between his own delusions of grandeur and crippling self doubt. “I am the life and soul of nothing at all”, he sings.

With an EP to follow in April and His irreverently titled, debut Album; Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – the mysterious Power looks like he might be one of the surprise breakthrough acts of 2019.

Blueprint Blue / Alan Power

26 Apr 2019

The Waiting Room

175 Stoke Newington High St, Stoke Newington
N16 0LH



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