"If it’s written in the stars", says a Bulgarian proverb. In a time shaped by uncertainty and disintegrating securities, trusting in the stars doesn’t seem too far fetched. "Last year, every conversation I had ended with this sentence", Dena explains, "before I had the album, I already had the title. It’s about believing and trusting in universal connections, trusting that everything will fall into place, eventually."
And all has indeed fallen into place: Four years after her​ début ​Flash, If It’s Written marks a new chapter in Dena’s musical and personal development. The product of major transformations in her life and work, ​If It’s Written is the work of a grown-up woman who has taken matters into her own hands. The record is a celebration of individuality and independence, for the first time Dena has taken over producing the majority of the tracks herself. "For me, this is major progress", she says, "from writing the first song for this album to this point, it’s been such a journey." It took two different versions and four mixes, but now that circle came to a closing​ and ​If It’s Written is ready to be released unto the world.


British solo artist Leyma (born Max Hanley) is an exciting new talent from East London. Creating music since the age of nine, today the 18-year-old has crafted his own lo-fi sound, fusing hip-hop, indie and R&B with his uniquely observational and personal lyrics.
Leyma made his debut in November 2017 with ‘W O R S T’, a 4-track EP, recorded and self-produced in his bedroom. The self-released single ‘youtreatme’ was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, receiving over 300k streams to date and rising.

Dena / Leyma

18 Oct 2018

Old Blue Last

38 Great Eastern St



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