“Dream Wife is a perfect example of what makes SXSW special, the discovery and excitement of seeing something real that has feeling and meat to it, and makes you grateful you were there  to witness it.” - NPR Music

“Punk rock trio Dream Wife make music that flips a middle finger to convention.” -  T he FADER “Dream Wife‘s most recent singles are two of the most urgent, empowering, and subversive rock jams of
2017” - Gorilla vs. Bear

"a well-oiled machine worthy of the Strokes but performed with the righteous indignation of Bikini Kill...snappy, punk-informed rock 'n' roll." -  Stereogum

"why they rule: Astounding musical precision, addictive melodies, and plenty of heart." - Entertainment Weekly

“Dream Wife offer a soundtrack ripe for a punk Sofia Coppola movie soundtrack” -  NYLON


Do you remember when you were young? Do you remember that very distinctive mixed and contradictory feeling of fearlessness and doubt, of possibility and uncertainty, of freedom and pressure, of determination and flippancy? Do you remember?

Well, these feelings are still fresh for whenyoung. All those contradictions reveal themselves in their songs, where the music fizzes with youthful abandon and urgency while the lyrics tell quite a different story.


Pussy Liquor is a 5 piece punk band from Brighton. It includes Ari Black on vocals, Kristen Grant on guitar, Hannah Villanueva on guitar, Tallulah Turner-Fray on bass, and Victoria Lewis Piper on drums.

Dream Wife / Whenyoung / Pussy Liquor

21 Mar 2018


17 Villiers St



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