A faint voice and a fervent guitar make their match in a cluttered bedroom, each song finding itself in a growing folder of recordings stamped by initials “L.S”. Ellis is the music project of Linnea Siggelkow. Daughter to a travelling book salesman and a piano teacher, Ellis flips the words from the books she once read, intertwining vulnerable with bold into the songs that she now sings. Having already made her mark as a solo performer in the Toronto DIY scene, the project has evolved into a 4-piece band, inspiring a grittier take on the same solemn refrain.

In November 2018 she released her anticipated debut EP, The Fuzz. The EP arrived following several months of excitement building behind Ellis, who, after generating buzz in her local scene on the back of opening stints with the likes of Soccer Mommy, Gabby's World, Chastity, Palehound, and Free Cake For Every Creature, garnered international acclaim with the release of a series of singles, earning comparisons to Mazzy Star, Alvvays and Slowdive from outlets like Pitchfork, Noisey and Stereogum, who marked her out as one of "a new generation of exciting songwriters."


Calluna brings the raw attack of soaring vocals, chiming angular guitar and euphoric synth resulting in a carnal, emotive live set. Calluna's second single ‘Still Show’; an evocative dream-pop exploration of afterlife anxieties is accompanied by an autoethnographic self-made music video set deep in the Catalonian mountains, featuring singer and guitarist Heather Britton wandering the landscape alongside her one-eyed canine companion, Naïna.


While there will always be a stark division between modernity and the natural world, there are ways of bridging the gap - and often an innate desire to do so.  spiritcake  is the solo project of Philippe Nash, and his striking musical work is increasingly influenced by such a thing; a way of exploring his own relationship with the wild, be it the trees at the edge of his town or places far more imagined and conjured.

Centred around ideas relating to anthropocene -  an attempt to reconcile living in an already dying planet  - spiritcake’s work drifts beautifully between personal conflicts and the natural world; every piercing rumination on his own emotive state met by a crackle of nightly noise in the far-off distance, a wash of ambience approaching.

As such, spiritcake can’t be tied to a single genre, tending to meander and journey rather than stay in one place - and always more concerned with searching for a place of honesty. “I am consciously choosing sounds and recording techniques that lead down the path of closeness,” spiritcake explains, “to swim down into depths of emotion, dreams, and unconscious imagery.”

Ellis / Calluna / SpiritCake

08 May 2019

The Islington

1 Tolpuddle St
N1 0XT



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