Lorely Rodriguez, the singular mind behind Empress Of, is a 23-year-old songwriter and producer living Brooklyn, NY. In April, Empress Of released her first EP, via Terrible Records in North America and Double Denim Records in the rest of the world. The four-song EP features two songs in English, and two in Lorely's first language: Spanish. An immediately obvious common thread with the songs on this EP is the skillful straddling of highly complex and occasionally bizarre choices Lorely makes with her songwriting, arrangement, and melodies, all while retaining an undeniable penchant for pure pop sensibilities. To Lorely, the diversity of the EP represents the two halves of her artistic brain, divided by language and a far-reaching bank of references, but retaining a sense of cohesion through true musical integrity and a desire to create art on her own terms.


Hockeysmith are a duo of sisters called Annie and Georgie who live together in a caravan park in a small town in Cornwall where they write and record their songs. Sonically Both visceral and darkly romantic, combining raw kitchen sink production, homespun electronics, blurry textures and subtle, almost overheard vocals that emerge into hypnotic melodic refrains.

Additionally there will be Double Denim DJs betwen the acts.

This show is FREE ENTRY on a first come first served basis.

Listen to: Empress Of - 'Realize You'

Listen to: Hockeysmith -  'Meanwhile'


Empress Of plus Hockeysmith

05 Nov 2013

plus Double Denim DJs


33-35 Stoke Newington Road
N16 8BJ


Free Entry

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