Far Caspian’s foundations were built in frontman Joel Johnston’s University halls. His Lo-fi sound was picked up by Blogs such as Indie Shuffle and thelazylazyme, curating over 100k plays on his Soundcloud. Since graduating, Johnston has called upon Alessio and Jof to turn his bedroom sound into something bolder whilst still gravitating towards the DIY approach, producing/recording their own songs and music videos. Their debut EP will be released under Independent Label Dance to the Radio later this year.


Phil Plested can’t help himself: get him started on the topic of songwriting and the cheerful musician will tell you all the myriad ways in which he’s a tried-and-true believer in the power of a well-crafted song. “That’s natural to me. That’s what I know,” the 25-year-old UK singer-songwriter says of that almost-surreal way in which a particular set of chords and words can pair with the right melody and then just when the entire world feels in total disarray suddenly it all makes complete sense. “I write songs for those moments,” the artist who performs as Plested offers with a smile. “Regardless of what I’m doing on any given day I’m going to go to the studio and write songs. That’s how I get my emotions out. That’s what’s always there for me.”

He’s spent the past several years penning songs for some of pop music’s biggest names, including Little Mix (the UK Top 5 single “Touch”), Zayn Malik and Kygo. But Plested says he has his own story to tell. Of his decision to sign with Atlantic Records, launch his solo career and release his forthcoming debut album due later this year, the winsome-voiced singer says, “When you have songs that you really care about and you know you love them there’s nothing to lose. Why give your song away to someone/another artist who is not going to care as much for it? If you can write beautiful songs and you can sing them then why not do it yourself?”

Far Caspian / Pizza Girl

11 Apr 2019

The Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln
E8 2EB



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