‘Ways To Get Out’ is the debut album by Irish alternative artist Far Caspian,  the project of singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Joel Johnston. Choosing to record with a DIY approach - recording, playing and mixing everything himself - his sound is a deftly combined blend of chiming guitars, rich harmonic melodies and crisp rhythms. Thematically exploring the emotions and relationships we experience through life’s transition in our twenties; ‘Ways To Get Out’ is a comforting companion on a relatable journey split between longing for the blissful naivety of youth, overcoming the stresses of adulthood and accepting your place in the world.

“‘Ways To Get Out’ is whatever the listener wants it to be”, Joel explains. “Ways to get out of a small town, ways to get out of a relationship, ways to get out of your own head. The album as a whole is about the things I came across in my twenties, but could be applied to any transitional period in life: depression and anxiety, tired relationships, feeling stuck within a scenario and place, wishing things were easy like childhood, rejecting your identity and becoming someone else.”

Far Caspian / Van Houten

13 Oct 2021

+ Van Houten


11 Goods Way



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