Florist is a soft-synthesizer-folk band and the friendship project of Emily Sprague, Rick Spataro, and Jonnie Baker. Born in the Catskill Mountains in 2012, the three began making music together after discovering their shared love for many things musical and for each other.


Named "the greatest band in the world" by Everett True on the strength of half a song, Porridge Radio began as Dana Margolin’s bedroom project. Now a Brighton-based 5-piece, they inelegantly knot together vicious, furious emotional outpour with beautifully melodic pop songs.

After a series of home-recorded solo demos, a split EP with West America, and the growing legend of their live shows, they released their first full band LP, 'Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers' in 2016, on Memorials of Distinction. Recorded in a garden shed, their lofi debut documents struggles with life, love and boredom, and showcases the scrapbook absurdism at Porridge Radio's core. Faced with the dark abyss of existence, the band scrapes together value from the nonsensical and the pointless, and then cling to it, giggling, for dear life.

They have since become regulars on the UK DIY punk circuit, started recording a second album, and have been selected by The Guardian as favourites to watch in 2018. Porridge Radio are overwhelmed.

Florist / Porridge Radio (Solo)

07 Apr 2018

+ special 

The Old Church

Stoke Newington Church St
N16 9ES



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