For the past decade, Flume has been dominating the music world with his hypnotic and abstract compositions that awaken the senses. Born as Harley Edward Streten, the Australian producer has a fresh approach when it comes to building out an immersive soundscape that revolves around the pursuit of creative freedom. Stemming from a desire to do the opposite of what is typically optimized for the algorithm, Flume’s technique involves weaving layers that are bound with introspection and intrigue. As someone who doesn’t actively seek the spotlight for himself, he always makes his collaborators shine.

Flume’s talent knows no bounds as he further explores the vastness of his own man- made universe through complex arrangements and sentimental bangers. At this stage of growth in his career, he isn’t concerned about getting any bigger—Flume just wants to maintain the energy that he’s manifested.


12 Jul 2022

+ special guests


1A Camden High St London



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