Free Money are a four piece rock bank from East London. No that’s not a typo. Huh? Wha? Yes. But rather than money, they trade in Joy and Optimism. Come join them at The Sebright and be inducted to The Bank of Free Money in a blitz of colour and confetti cash.

The new EP is to be released via Buff Records and Communion Records. Fittingly it’s Communion’s first collaboration of this kind and also the first release for Buff Records, Dan White (Tribes) and Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets). The mantra of Buff Records in many ways mirrors the ethos of how Communion came to be: an artist-led community focusing on long term growth and a DIY spirit.

Free Money

06 Dec 2018

+ special guests

Sebright Arms

34 Coate St
E2 9AG



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