As part of Illuminations multi-event series. Explorations in music, film and arts. 


Movement, Holly Herndon’s debut album on in 2012, was a test chamber that hybridized her modern composition training and undying devotion to club music, equally Maryanne Amacher and Laurie Anderson as Berghain techno. With that spring board she because a champion of laptop performance and the instrument’s humanization. Platform, Herndon’s sophomore full length, furthers the previous album’s pop deconstructivism, this time galvanized into a singular voice, and with a very clear message of optimism in opposition to the looming mass surveillance dystopia.

A night curated by Holly Herndon including a performance of her ever-evolving A/V experience
Illuminations at Oval Space, in collaboration with The Barbican.



No hope, no future, a constant war raging in the peripheries. I wanna laugh about it. But I just can't laugh about it. And so it is then, this is a record about love and resistance. After the broken frigidity of Classical Curves, Jam City returns with an urgent, fearless and strikingly sensitive album of modern pop  songs, both crushingly heavy and glitteringly light. Made by modest means, made by any means, the DIY origin of the record speaks to the artist’s faith in the power of music to not only transcend,  but also to confront, unsettle, and suggest an alternative to the total colonisation of art by neoliberalism. Always raw, always in the red.

Tickets for this show are priced at £15.

PRE SALE tickets are limited and available at 9am Wednesday 22nd July from DICE

GENERAL SALE are available at 9am Friday 24th July from SONGKICK

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Holly Herndon / Jam City / Claire Tolan (ILLUMINATIONS)

04 Nov 2015

plus Jam City + Claire Tolan

Oval Space

29-32 The Oval
E2 9DT



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