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This show is part of Illuminations, a special week-long series of curated events and shows in London, taking place across a variety of venues around the city in November.


Garnering inspiration from a broad range of artistic, cinematic, philosophical, and musical sources How To Dress Well, aka Tom Krell, creates music that is provocative and compelling. Though the arrangements are remarkable, it is Krell’s singing voice that truly carries this record. At the heart of each song there is a chorus of disarmingly beautiful vocal lines that are as angelic as they are harrowing. His voice seems to swell up out of nowhere, the multiple tracks colliding with each other to form stirring, otherworldly harmonies, overtones, and distortions. His mysterious lyrics are delivered through striking vocal melodies as Krell experiments with his exceptionally wide vocal range. His work presents us with a complex and difficult sound that is somehow still immediately approachable: Krell’s compositions are abstract and yet unmistakably pop and r&b, are alien yet in no way alienating.


Young Magic began with singer and songducer Isaac Emmanuel. In early 2010 he quit his world and left his hometown in Australia with all of his belongings packed into a suitcase. He wandered through northern Europe, across the UK, over to New York City then down to Mexico, recording with a microphone, his voice and whatever instruments he would find along the way.

Whilst living in a small Mexican town called Tepoztlan, Isaac had been in touch with an old friend from Melbourne who was on his own world adventure, Michael Italia. Back in New York, Indonesian born Melati Malay was making beautifully wistful songs, ghost spirits caressing perfectly still bodies. The Brooklyn based vocalist had met Isaac and Michael a few years earlier, and they immediately shared a common love of sounds with an eternal rhythm, big and delicate, sounds that help you drift up and off, sounds to make your heart and head melt in equal measure. For the first time, it was becoming a band. They started recording together, collaborating, pulling all the pieces together like a puzzle - a collection of sounds and common experiences from the last year.


Since his unmistakably heady, raw and visceral debut album GLAQJO XAACSSO, patten has quickly marked out his position as a maverick genius straight out of the London leftfield. Working out from a space somewhere between early house, Factory Records and post punk, mid-90s electronics, shoegaze, Musique concrète, and 2000s Funktion One bass pressure, a myriad of forms unite into a rare, emotionally rich and euphoric whole with the precision worthy of a true auteur. patten’s hallucinatory music has undoubtably created a truly unique and all-enveloping world.

Check out a video here:

Additionally, our good friends from The Line Of Best Fit will be manning the decks in between the acts.

This show is now SOLD OUT of all tickets

How To Dress Well

05 Nov 2012



32-37 Cowper Street



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