Born and raised in the border city of Chula Vista, California, Jackie Mendoza blends the cultural influences of her hometown and her motherland of Tijuana, Mexico, creating eccentric electronic pop, Latin-driven dance beats and vibrant soundscapes. Latin-pop, indie pop and electronic music have all had strong but equal impacts on Jackie’s musical path at different times in her life. Mendoza has been experimenting with electronic ukulele-based pop, expanding the instrument’s sound to its maximum potential by layering it with beats while singing in both English and Spanish. Her debut EP, LuvHz (Love Hurts), out later this year on Luminelle Recordings, was mostly written during a precarious time in Mendoza’s life, and is a six-track exploration of love and relationships.


Bianca scout is a musician and a dancer although, upon exposure to her craft, it is apparent that the two stem from an inseparable core of her being. 

Her interstellar chords and still-lake skimming vocals invoke a collage of worlds that leave ripples in the recipient’s emotional pool.

Her ability to invite her listeners into an all encompassing potentiality spores an eternity in a moment.

With stealthy stems conjuring a bitch-slap from an undeniable fog of existing conformity and whispers of an unspoken resting place where hope rises from the decay. Welcomingly unnerving, Bianca scout addresses the non - addressed and societal under-the-carpet issues of our lamenting souls.

Jackie Mendoza / Bianca Scout

25 Oct 2019

Sebright Arms

Coate St
E2 9AG



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