Having previously collaborated with contemporaries including Robyn and The Knife (to whose Rabid Records she was previously signed), ‘Exorcism’ will be Wilson’s fifth studio album, and her first since 2013’s ‘Demand The Impossible!’. Recorded and released whilst she underwent treatment for breast cancer, that album went on to win three gongs at the Swedish Grammi awards, including Album Of The Year and Producer Of The Year.

An intensely, unflinchingly personal album, ’Exorcism’’s nine tracks relate to Wilson’s own experience of sexual assault, and its harrowing aftermath. As its title suggests - and following a sustained period of creative and emotional torpor - ‘Exorcism’ finds Wilson seeking to divest herself of the recurrent traumas of her attack. Wilson knew she had to write about the attack from the very night it happened; “It was more than 6 months before I even touched an instrument or opened my mouth to sing”, she says. “I was paralysed, I guess. It was like a burden to have this awful topic waiting there for me. I had absolutely no idea as to how I would approach it.”

Largely built around the heavy analogue drones of Jenny’s Prophet 6 synthesiser, ‘Exorcism’ is a discomforting, uncompromising exposition of its brutal subject matter - a challenge to engage with lyrics which refuse allegorism. ‘RAPIN*’ - the first single to emerge from ‘Exorcism’ - also opens the album, bringing the listener straight into the centre of the horror. Leant claustrophobic tension by bursts of synth, the track arrives alongside an equally graphic animated film, created for Jenny by Swedish artist Gustaf Holtenäs. Speaking about the film, Jenny says; “I wanted to make something awfully direct. Something you just can't hide from or misunderstand. This song demanded a brutal video, and it had to be done in a beautiful animated style to reach the full power of the story.” The track’s second half traces the deterioration that assault victims can face after the fact - doctor’s examinations, insomnia, loss of a sense of Self - here, the sound of a doorbell breaks the music, “I’m not at home” Wilson replies.


Strange Boy produce arresting electronic songs full of intricate textures and soaring vocals.

Their highly-anticipated debut EP, Annunciation, was released in November through their own label, Glass Guts. Prepare for delicate melodies amidst heavy basslines and grainy, driven synths.

Jenny Wilson / Strange Boy

25 Apr 2018


33-35 Stoke Newington Rd
N16 8BJ



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