When love burst into being for Jess Williamson, it was a force so powerful that it seemed to redirect the sun, re-casting all of her life in new light. That's how she tells her story across Cosmic Wink — her third album, and first for Mexican Summer — all of which came together in the midst of a series of transitions in her personal life

In 2016, after living in Austin on and off for a decade, she left her home state of Texas for California. Deeply inspired by the move to Los Angeles and the bliss of new love, she rented a back house from an actor friend who was away on a movie and started writing the songs that eventually became Cosmic Wink. As she wrote, her beloved dog Frankie began going gray with old age.

All three of these seemingly dissimilar streams intersected to give Cosmic Wink a unified sound and feel. The openness of LA — and confronting the downbeat nature of her older songs while performing to hushed European crowds — challenged her supposition that "heartache, depression, and sadness" were "the only way to make interesting music," as she puts it.


Savage Mansion (FFO: Pavement/Modern Lovers) was formed in 2016 by songwriter Craig Angus. The group released an EP Everyone to the Savage Mansion through indie label Cool Your Jets in October that year, and were invited to open for Frightened Rabbit at Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom on the strength of a fast-faced and thrilling live show.

A single (‘Do You Say Hello To Your Neighbours’ - released through The Pictish Trail’s Lost Map label) followed, championed by Lauren Laverne and Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music, and Vic Galloway in Scotland, with subsequent festival performances at Howlin’ Fling and Electric Fields met with acclaim.  Lost Map released the Document EP in May 2018, with the full length debut Revision Ballads set for release in January 2019.


Protection Spells are a London-based witchy dream pop. Finding their name from a Jason Molina EP, they write songs about magic and myths. Their music has been described as “a witch in an echo chamber” and “like a shrine maiden with the irritability of a kitten”.

Jess Williamson / Savage Mansion / Protection Spells

03 Oct 2018

Doors: 7.30pm
Protection Spells: 7.50pm
Savage Mansions: 8.40pm
Jess Williamson: 9.40pm

The Lexington

96-98 Pentonville Rd
N1 9JB


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