Fads will come and go but phases blur edges and present limitless possibilities. For singer Julia Bardo, her current Phase marks the evolution of a free spirit, driven by wild ambition. Facing her fears and throwing caution to the wind, Julia’s first EP builds upon her bold strides from Italy to England and presents a personal quest to make music that’s nothing if not entirely authentic.

“It’s like, whilst you walk on your path, you pick up something from the ground and put it in your pocket,” Julia describes of the happenings shaping her latest EP. “As you go further you look in your pockets and see lots of different things. These things make you; you want to pick up more because it is good, and you never want to stop. There’s never enough stuff; you’re rich with experiences you meet on your road.”

Whoever you believed Julia Bardo to be up to now, Phase is your chance to become truly acquainted. Self-taught on guitar, for a time she provided the chugging post-punk as a member of Working Men’s Club; curious beyond her comfort zone, for new paths of sonic discovery. Emerging as a learned musician, Julia’s solo outstepping saw her play live on BBC radio, perform in a museum, and enchant audiences at Manchester Psych Festival, Neighbourhood, Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape. And her first-written song became debut single ‘Desire,’ its flickering video playfully teasing at the romance of a bygone era. Yet, Phase marks a defining moment for a forward-facing young artist, with a stark warning; don’t get too comfortable. “Phase is a wave, you know; an evolution. I get inspired and each time I write, it’s an evolution of what I wrote before.”

Julia Bardo

19 Mar 2020

+ special guests


1 Tolpuddle St, The Angel
N1 0XT



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