Do you like Kong? Because we REALLY do, and have been wanting to put them on for a long time. To celebrate we're going to throw down with them and two excellent supports for a mid-summer thrashfest at the Old Blue.


If any band ever was going to actually slaughter your eardrums (like a marauding sonic tyrant with less compassion than Vlad the Impaler), that band would be Kong. The Manchester 3-piece deliver a special breed of abrasive punk; an intense mongrel borne of polyrhythmic complexities and ear-splitting distortion; the angsty bitter bastard son of maximum sonic density. Commanded with psychotic impulse, spasming Albini hold/release riffs clamour with bellicose yowling, all under-pinned by rubber bullet blast-beats. When not wielding their Shellac and Jesus Lizard influences like scaffolding pipes, Kong use synths to gurgle and whirr in manic morse code, like The Locust drugged and locked in the basement.

"In summary - the first time I saw them play I felt a burning sensation on my arm and realised that I had developed eczema."
Andrew Falkous 2008 (McLusky/Future of the left)


London duo Bitches have rightly caused a good stir of late with their fierce hardcore assault of drums plus bass dance-party punk-rock straight from the heart and fist. Starting with an Elvis Costello meets Surf Rock melodic rock'n'roll good time, Bitches take this and make it much louder, raucous and vitriolic, embracing 80s punk sounds through to modern day scenes like The Smell or their very own noise-based underground in the capital.

"The London based boy-girl/bass-and-drums duo make one helluva racket, ranging from 'Vampire' - a blast of surf rock that's had voodoo pins jammed into its vital organs - to chaotic sonic canvases about, among other things, The Bill and Henry VIII. They seem like they have no idea what the hell they're doing... just how we like it. NME


Hooking up with Kong for four dates of their tour, Blacklisters are exactly who you'd expect the band to pick as a support, feral and confrontational, Blacklisters immediately evoke a time of music that differs from todays when bands turned up plugged in and tore the place to pieces. Fugazi meets Jesus Lizard with technicality of Converge and a dose of early Deftones, these lot are a bag of fun and much more where that came from.

PLUS --- ROCKFEEDBACK DJS will be playing a the best metal, harcore and rock and roll you wish that you owned, but you don't, because when we were young we spent all our money on these records, whilst you went out and made friends.

Tickets are priced at £6 and are available at and



18 Aug 2010


The Old Blue Last

38 Great Eastern St



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