If boredom really does breed creativity, then Nova Scotia weirdo pop-rock sophisticates mauno must be four intensely bored individuals. “Halifax is a weird little town,” says frontman Nick Everett of the Canadian peninsula they call home, where life unfolds in a slow-drift of tiny moments never more than a stone’s throw from the sea. “At times, it’s really boring, which I find useful for writing songs—not being distracted. I arrived here on a failed hitch-hiking trip and just keep getting drawn back.” rough master, the group’s smart, intricate new album, has at least this in common with the city where it was forged. Full of familiar and charming shimmery guitar—and less-familiar, somewhat absurd stories written over rueful meals in empty apartments—rough master is a record you too will just keep getting drawn back into.


Factory Seconds is a band from London generating '80s inspired melancholic indie pop from a unit in an old factory.

"Drawing a line from dream-pop, through to indie-pop and shoegaze 'Caught in the Layers' drills down to the essential core of each of these genres to deliver a palatable modern take on sounds from this classic period as a forlorn and introspective examination of mental health." - The National Student

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Mauno / Factory Seconds

04 Oct 2017

+ special guests

The Islington

1 Tolpuddle St
N1 0XT



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