Meat Wave bring their new album, The Incessant, to Birthdays in May. 

The Incessant is a bracing, emotional punk record that confronts taking responsibility for your actions with dark humour and self-deprecation, drawing influence from acts like The Breeders, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, and, yes, Fiona Apple, as much as Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex and the poems of Emily Dickinson and Sutter’s friend Hannah Gamble. On that literary tip, Sutter majored in journalism, and says his studies applied here more than ever. “I had this amazing professor whose whole thing was—and it’s very simple, but it stuck with me—what we’re doing is trying to uncover the truth, or truths. I applied that exactly to what was going on with me, because I tended to run away from the truth or ignore it.”


Cassels are a two piece comprised of two brothers - Jim (vox/guitar) and Loz (drums/vox) Beck. Originally from the self-described 'cul-de-sac' town of Chipping Norton, the brothers spent their youth turning their frustration and boredom into music.  After years of making as much noise as they pleased in their remote countryside bedroom, Cassels emerged onto the scene with a sound which is both unique and hard-hitting;combining dense and poetic lyricism with pared-back, heavy and skilful instrumentation.


Blending the angular riffage of Drive Like Jehu and Fugazi with the melodic, pop sensibilities of Superchunk and the groove of Dischord luminaries Lungfish. Miami Nice take this sound and give it fresh life, adding a modern punk edge to the mix.

Currently in the process of writing a full length album their 4 track demo "Demand Auto + 3" showcases their knack for a hooky chorus and a driving rhythm.

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Meat Wave / Cassels / Miami Nice

02 May 2017


33-35 Stoke Newington Rd
N16 8BJ



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