Look to the skies and read the signs: Melt Yourself Down are back.

Their delirious new music is nothing less than a celebration of those cities built on a thousand tones, scents, accents and flavours. With a brand new album out in April, MYD ride the underground arteries, crackling with the kinetic surges of all that electricity in close proximity.

“I’ve got the rot,” wails fervent frontman Kushal Gaya with fire-dancing fury on lead single ‘Dot To Dot’, “I’ve got the rot inside me.” And as another golden sun rises over skyscrapers that tower like silent mirrored statues, its rays beaming laser-like along litter-strewn avenues, who hasn’t felt like that?

In both sound and aesthetic, Melt Yourself Down have celebrated migration since day one. This collective know that life is transitory and only the blind see borders and boundaries. Theirs is musical unity through movement and sound.



From the ashes of tropi-punk behemoths Fair Ohs, a phoenix rises. A phoenix with hips like James Brown and a shriek that will make you bust a move on the dancefloor until the sun rises over the kalahari. That phoenix is Pure Beauty, a band made up of members of Fair Ohs and punk-slobs Domestic Blitz. Yeah, that's a fucking saxophone you're hearing, get used to it.

But what Joe, Matt, Eddy and Same have created isn't really a band - or a fucking phoenix - Pure Beauty is a disease. A sexy, aggressive, dancing disease. Like herpes or gonorrhea but for your hips, Pure Beauty infects its way into your system, and your groin, unleashing an illness that grips you with its funky tentacles for life. Yeah, diseases have tentacles, especially this one. Once you're sick, you're fucked forever - you'll be destroyed by a concoction made up of Parliament/Funkadelic, Weather Report, Big Boys, Maximum Joy, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Pop Group, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and James Brown. Just imagine all of those funk, post-punk and jazz fusion bands playing a festival. At the same time.
On the same stage. In your crotch.

Pure Beauty started in London like a year and a half ago or some bullshit, who knows. But what we do know is this: they came to party. You can stand there and nod along to the latest miserable, floppy-haired grunge-pop snoozebags that you're pretending to like, or you can have a good.fucking.time.

There are some things you're going to have to get over:
1) Saxophones. Seriously they're all over this shit
2) Funk. We know that you had a bloodsugarsexmagik tshirt when you were 13, don't be a hypocrite
3) Jazz. Coltrane and Mingus wrote the best music on earth, and they were high as fuck. What's your excuse?
4) Solos. They're back. You're fucking welcome.
5) Good times. Quit your god damn whining, it's 2015 and you're some yuppie in skinny jeans. Fucking live your life, baby. It's a good one.


Tickets for this show are priced at £12.50 and are available HERE

Melt Yourself Down/ Pure Beauty/ Dave Okumu (The Invisible) DJ set

27 Apr 2016


117 Wallis Rd
E9 5LN



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