Even though the Mexican border-town of Tijuana has a stigmatized history it has managed to produce many vibrant and unique artists.  None are quite like Mint Field.

Comprised of 21-year-olds Estrella Sanchez and Amor Amezcua, Mint Field’s sound is organic, spacious, and inhabited by specters that lurk behind rhythms, where Estrella’s angelic voice evokes a supernatural world of beauty and melancholy.

Their new record, Pasar De Las Luces, first for LA-based Innovative Leisure Records, is “a compilation of our lives from two years ago to now” says the band.  Since recording an initial EP in 2015 in their hometown of Tijuana, Mint Field have played Coachella, SXSW and have extensively toured the US and Mexico.  In the summer of 2017 the band traveled to Detroit to record with producer Christopher Koltay.  “We had a much clearer idea of what we wanted and we had the tools to make it.  When we recorded [our debut EP] Primeras Salidas, it was a homemade album and we didn't know what we were doing.”  This time, they managed to channel their inspirations and influences to transmit sentiments of profound sorrow, nostalgia and immaculate beauty...revisiting sounds from the past to make them contemporary.


hear, a word that evokes here, to hear and her. A feminine presence within sound.
hear is about the spreading of languages and voices previously unheard. Cracking open and tearing down dominant modes of being, we propose a new way of speaking, experiencing, and seeing the world around us.
We’re all stuck in some form of trench beyond which we cannot see. But can we hear beyond those walls that surround and/or confine us?
Sound, at large undervalued in a world that favours the visual, speaks for itself. It has the capacity to move and change, it flows through us and come from us. We evolve. Through music, hear expresses a different desire and gaze. Our sensibilities do not want to be enclosed in rigid structures.
hear, here, within.


“As hairy as they are Hell-Raising, great melody with real muscle to it!”

Steve Lamacq (BBC RADIO 6)

East London based post-punk outfit Human Pet released their debut single ‘Linda Pinky’ on PERMANENT CREEPS RECORDS in early 2018 to high acclaim, securing numerous plays on 6 MUSIC Recommends, as well as on Steve Lamacq’s coveted drive time radio show. The single secured official Spotify playlisting, A-List rotation on NME Audio, plus coverage in CLASH Magazine and LOUDERTHANWAR, to name but a few.

Recent months have seen the band expand their fan-base substantially, thanks to high-profile support slots with the likes of BlackWaters, BAD NERVES, Heavy Lungs and Vulgarians. As well as being handpicked by promotion heavyweights BAD VIBRATIONS as main support for YAK at The Shacklewell Arms raucous seventh Birthday show.

Influenced by the likes of Girl Band and Bloc Party, the band have a unique ability to debase their sound; pulling songs through short and urgent, pop-industrial, noise-punk-filled arrangements.

CLASH Magazine “Fuzzed out and ice cold, Human Pet's scratchy indie sound is layered in grunge effects, with more than one Big Muff laying down their life for the cause. The off kilter riffing burrows its way into your cranium, while the stripped back production is as raw as they come”

Mint Field / Hear / Human Pet

30 Oct 2018

Sebright Arms

34 Coate St, London E2 9AG
E2 9AG



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