MonumentValleyis the musical world of London-born Ned Younger. Inspired by classic 1950s rock and roll, Postcard-era indie-pop and the modern poets of hip hop, Younger weaves all his musical touchstones into a passion for timeless story-telling and song-writing. His first release, the Tongues EP is due November 28 on Tritone/PIAS Records.

Despite the expansive moniker, it is under theMonumentValleyalias that Younger has created an introspective and articulate EP. The seeds of this project had been unwittingly sewn some time ago, during the accumulation of an extensive collection of strangers’ ‘lost’ photographs, which Younger had gradually amassed from markets and car boot sales. It was whilst surveying the hundreds of anonymous faces of these ‘John Doe’ albums that Younger was struck by the thought which spawned Tongues- to narrate the imagined stories behind these images, and thus to articulate the silent and the unfamiliar.

Fittingly, the Tongues release format reflects its distinctive origins- the EP will be accompanied by a beautiful book comprised of lyrics to several of Younger’s ‘imagined’ songs, alongside the original photographs which inspired them and accompanying illustrations by Mikey Smith. 

The nameless faces of the book segue into the deftly imagined protagonists of EP tracks ‘Valentine’s Park Pt 2’ and ‘Dear John Letters’, which seem to resonate with a narrative ability not dissimilar to the tendencies made so compelling by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Chris Isaak and Elliott Smith. Elsewhere, the guitar intricacy of lead track ‘Round and Round’ displays an idiosyncratic meld of a childhood spent hooked into Buddy Holly records, and later tempered with the sardonic poetry of Bright Eyes and Belle & Sebastian.

This sees a special EP launch to celebrate the release of the book / EP, with special guest support from Peter and Kerry.


Peter and Kerry began as an impulsive side-project. The two solo artists, who had become close friends following a years' worth of label-related activities, decided to make use of some spare time one weekend in the late-Summer. Having never fully-collaborated, the duo bravely embarked upon an uninterrupted writing and recording session which took place over several days at Peter's family home in Southampton.

They returned to London with a finished record. The release, entitled 'Clothes, Friends, Photos EP', has since gathered critical acclaim from blogs, magazines and radio stations worldwide; what began as a whimsical experiment has become an exciting new outlet for these already promising young acts.


Completing the bill is seventeen year old Jamie Isaac. Crack in the Road has hailed Isaac as “possibly their favourite new artist of the year” - the prodigious purveyor of poignantly haunting, utterly beautiful, emotionally strained music, “fusing ambient instrumentation, a melancholic piano section and startlingly brilliant vocals... a subtly entrancing method of announcing oneself upon the musical scene.”

Entry to this show is by free limited tickets, download from here: TicketWeb

Monument Valley

22 Nov 2011


The Social

5 Little Portland Street


free (limited tickets)

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