24-year old Toronto native Daniel Benjamin and collaborator/co-conspirator Maddy Wilde have been making music together for most of their lives; as Moon King, the two singers weave dreamlike harmonies over buzz-saw guitars and electronic percussion, their live performances capturing a raw-nerve intensity that verges on ecstatic.  Their first two releases mix the ethereal charm of the Cocteau Twins with the propulsive rhythms of Disco Inferno. Many of Daniel's songs appeal to our darker subconscious desires, reveling in the embrace of fear and ego as a means of escape.

Moon King's debut 12" Obsession I was released in 2012 on One Big Silence, the label run by Mike Haliechuk of Fucked Up and was closely followed by this years Obsession II EP.  Daniel has also been touring as a member of his brother Airick's project Doldrums. The 12" was self-produced and then mixed in NYC by Shane Stoneback (Sleigh Bells, Cults, Fucked Up.)

Moon King will be issuing their debut European release on September 16th via Tough Love (Girls Names, Weird Dreams, CYMBALS). Entitled Obsessions, the record compiles all of the band’s output to date as well as one previously unreleased track, and will be available on LP, CD and digital download. 


Hailing from the isolated climes of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), 23 year old Travis  Bretzer has an appropriately singular, off-beat take on guitar pop. An adroit songwriter and true troubadour, Travis sidesteps easy pigeonholing - his breezy, classic songs touching on the new-pop of Orange Juice, the playful idiosyncrasies of Prefab Sprout, with a freewheeling sensibility present in much of the Stiff Records catalog. There's a truly deft, sophisticated streak through Travis' songwriting that belies its occasionally haphazard production and cheeky, casual delivery.

Tickets for this show are  via free limited online registration and are available now from the following link.




Moon King plus Travis Bretzer

24 Sep 2013

plus Travis Bretzer


33-35 Stoke Newington Road
N16 8BJ


Free (limited availability)

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