Thunder Follows The Light, Jordan Lee’s ninth release as Mutual Benefit—one that finds balance between chaos and grace, beauty and devastation—began at night in rural New England. “There was a huge storm, so we decided to sit on the patio and listen,” remembers Lee. This patient and prismatic music, similarly, is so much about listening: to history, to the earth, to the person beside you, to yourself in a world that would prefer you didn’t.

“I became transfixed by the time in between the lightning and thunder. The silence thick with inevitability,” he continues. “While I was writing the record, everywhere I looked, I saw massive societal strain... from human-influenced ecological disasters to an openly white supremacist U.S. president to corporate greed exploiting people’s physical and emotional lives in new ways.” He wondered if the tumult we see today might even be just the initial strike of lightning, the warning sign before an imminent time more thunderous, more catastrophic.


Protection Spells are a London-based witchy dream pop. Finding their name from a Jason Molina EP, they write songs about magic and myths. Their music has been described as “a witch in an echo chamber” and “like a shrine maiden with the irritability of a kitten”.

Mutual Benefit / Protection Spells / Nighttime

30 Oct 2018

+ Protection Spells

+ Nighttime


1A Amhurst Rd
E8 1LL



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