LA duo MYPET announce a free London show at the Sebright Arms. The pair have been gaining applause for their intense electronic pop since they released the creepy debut video for "Pays to Know" last year - the sexiest song ever to be written about a rabbit and a snake. They have followed it up with two more tracks of crunching beats, ritualistic rhythms and melodic chants including their latest offering "Gloria" - three minutes of simple hypnotic beats and a seemingly endless parade of vocal hooks. 

MYPET is crucially primordial and anti-decadent, in the sense that its foundations stem from ritualistic chanting instead of disposable, vapid hooks. MYPET does not believe "more is more". MYPET is inspired by the universality of music and by the many rituals, past and present, of various cultures near and far. Music's original purpose is storytelling. We draw meaning from it, and commit it to memory. Music was, and still can be, a means of communication outside the confines of language.



Ada are a foursome making dreamy pop tunes with a few trapdoors that make you free fall in sudden and beautiful elongations. Their House of Pop has peeling walls, secret tunnels, four and a half floors and an armoury of synths, and reverb drenched electric guitar. Born out of Studio 180 in Lambeth only a few months ago; Their jubilant, kraut-rock-carnival  has so far been only been felt at house parties and last minute appearances at this years festivals.

This show is FREE ENTRY. Entrance will be on a first come, first served basis.





30 Jul 2013

Sebright Arms

31-35 Coate Street
E2 9AG



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