A club night exhibiting YEAR0001's identity and intent as Sweden’s prime independent music company - live performances by album debutant Nadia Tehran, Merely and Ecco2K + SOUNDS playlist curator and DJ Femi (More names TBA).


Born in Jönköping, Sweden to immigrant Iranian parents, Tehran is a rebel by blood. Her father served on the frontline of the Iran-Iraq War. His stories of the revolution inform Tehran’s art and anarchist spirit. As a child Tehran started performing as her own form of rebellion. By 12 years old, she was singing in the only punk band in her small Christian town. Tehran continued to gain notoriety within the underground Swedish scene, securing a place for herself as a solo artist on indie label YEAR0001 (Yung Lean, V**gra Boys). Her 2016 EP Life Is Cheap, Death Is Free released to critical acclaim, with i-D Magazine calling it a “powerful statement on race and immigration.” Tehran has performed around the world at legendary Berlin nightclub Berghain, Sonar Festival, Chicago, New York and more. Dozakh: All Lovers Hell (Releasing on May 16th) is Tehran’s first studio album.


In ancient stories, fairy tales and mythology, different tropes are often used to symbolise the powers found within all of us; for example, The King and Queen represents internal struggle and justice, and The Warrior represents courage and willpower. On the other hand, The Wizard is more ambiguous and represents the esoteric sides of the human psyche - insight, spiritual growth, a kind of messenger between worlds.

If Merely’s first two albums “Nirvana” and “Uncanny Valley” were her manifestations of The Warrior and The Queen, “Hatching The Egg” is The Wizard - a new incarnation, imagining her as the lead singer in a super group composed of the best renderings of her past self, all disguised as fable animals and creatures from the other side; an album painted with a palette of psychedelic, dreamy pop, shoegaze, chamber music and subtle hints of progressive rock.


Femi is a DJ and visual artist from Stockholm, where she’s been organising and hosting countless clubs and events over the past couple of years and is currently working with playlist curation and talent scouting at Swedish record label YEAR0001.Her sets are distinguished by fusing esoteric club sounds from various eras into a melodic blend of blissful electronic euphoria.


Vogue has described him as a “Stylish Multi-Hyphenate” coming from a background in film and image-making who is now gaining attention in music as a songwriter and vocalist. While his fans obsess and theorise online over his unpredictable releases and overall lack of public transparency, Drain Gang member Zak Arogundade has quietly established himself as a curator and creator of an ever-evolving style of audiovisual expression amplified by the highly vibrant yet unclassifiable nature of his persona who’s influence extends into a variety of creative fields.

Since leaving his day job as a footwear designer in 2018 he has been alternating between work on his own label g’LOSS, directing and editing visuals for artists like Bladee and Yves Tumor, and attending London and Paris fashion weeks as both runway model and jury member, while hard at work developing the next phase of his musical output under his stage name ECCO2K with studio sessions in Stockholm, Berlin, and Los Angeles.

YEAR0001 Label Night at Elektrowerkz

13 Jun 2019

Feat. Nadia Tehran / Merely / Femi / Ecco2k


7 Torrens Street



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