Mercy is Natalie Bergman's debut, a self-produced solo album recorded in the strangest of times, during a personal period of profound sadness and reinvention. It's startling, and often beautiful — a rush to the edge of the cliff, with an unflinching look below "This is the best writing I have done in my life," Bergman says. "I started writing music when I was very young; I’ve always had a child-like, nursery rhyme approach to my music," she says. Recorded at her brother's home studio in Los Angeles, CA, she emphatically states that "the album is my testament." Bergman has already had a lengthy, successful career as one half of the brother-sister duo Wild Belle, but this is the first time she wrote and played all the material. This record absolutely pulses with redemptive power; it is replenishing and original, and deeply cathartic. Natalie made this record because she absolutely had to. The music of Mercy began to germinate a few months after she lost her father in a wrong-way, head-on collision. He and her step-mother were killed by a drunk driver. Shortly after, Natalie visited a monastery in the southwestern desert, and there she began to embark on this album. "When you’re in the wilderness you pay attention to how you hear," she says. “I was granted some clarity and given some relief." Mike McGonigal, January 15, 2021, Detroit MI "Find sanctuary in the soft and swaying rhythms of Natalie Bergman's lightly psychedelic hymns."

Natalie Bergman

25 Apr 2023

+ special Guests 


6 O'Meara St, London


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