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Even as the buzz around them is slowly but steadily reaching fever pitch, the Manchester based trio NO CEREMONY/// maintain a deliberate air of mystery, an impenetrable sense of enigma which engulfs them as surely as their lush, lysergic electronic soundscapes envelop the listener. With a much anticipated debut LP finally let loose into the wild and more live UK dates to be announced shortly, NO CEREMONY/// look set to capture the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere this year. 


Rainer - Rebekah Raa and producer Casually Here - met through mutual friends and late nights, realising that working together could consist of a lot of watching hiphop videos on Youtube with a bit of music making on the side.  Debut single Girls / Money (ASL Records) was released on 9th Sept to acclaim in the UK and beyond.


Brighton Based Salt Ashes is the moniker of 22 year old Veiga Sanchez a lover of Moroder style disco and spooky atmospheres Her music is the sound of Kate Bush dancing in a haunted Studio 54, Dark electronic pulsing Beats with Hairs on the back of the neck vocals. Her Live show is captivating and not to be missed this Winter.

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No Ceremony ///

09 Oct 2013

plus Rainer & Salt Ashes


7 Torrens Street



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