Every so often an artist emerges who completely changes the game. Meet renegade experimentalist Noga Erez. Born and living just outside Tel Aviv, Erez's freewheeling songs are energised by the politics that surround her, but are also anchored in a desire to make as many people as possible feel.

This is politically charged pop exploded out onto a universal stage. Inspired by strong artistic figures such as Björk and MIA, as well as everyone from Frank Ocean to Radiohead to Kendrick Lamar to FKA Twigs, Erez is the definitive sound of the world we live in today. For Erez, music is at its best when it allows for both presence and absence. "I have this idea of giving people moments of thought and inspiration, and at the same time giving moments of escapism and fun."That is, after all, what all music should do, and what Noga Erez is here to fearlessly master.


Growing up in Peckham, Aadae’s strict Nigerian-Christian upbringing didn’t leave much space for frivolous pursuits but when she wasn’t holed up in church, she would rifle through her dad’s record collection and sing with her brother and sister at home. “My mum was religiously strict,” she explains, “But weirdly, and against Nigerian norms, she encouraged us in music. In her mind I think it acted as a distraction from gangs, gun and drug culture.”

Aadae credits the records she found at home with the bulk of her musical education, influences ranging from the Yoruba gospel, reggae, 90s Afro-juju and 70s Afrobeat she found there to the pristine pop of the odd Abba single. Later, she discovered UK funky house, neo-soul and early jazz, and more recently, genre-straddling artists like MIA, Santigold and Little Dragon have all had a noticeable impact on her style. Tony Allen and Fela Kuti remain huge influnces.

“I describe my sound as a pop-lover’s take on the classic afrobeat form,” Aadae says. “It was always important to me that my music told my story. Whatever I do has to represent my British upbringing as well as my Nigerian heritage.”

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Noga Erez / Aadae

13 Jun 2017

+ special guests

The Pickle Factory

13-14 The Oval
E2 9DU



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