Desire is an electronic band formed in Montreal & currently based in Palm Springs. They make synth pop where film, fashion, & fantasy collide on the dancefloor. On stage, vocalist Megan Louise theatrically pivots between French & English while draped in latex from head to toe. From vixen to villain, she turns to predator with blood pumping thrill. Carrying the campy torch of Vaudeville into this century she is joined by composer Johnny Jewel (ChromaVcs, Glass Candy, Twin Peaks) on piano & drum machine.


Club Intl is a NYC based collective, led by musician John Eatherly (Public Access T.V. , The Virgins, be your own PET). Produced by Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Glass Candy) - and signed to his iconic label, Italians Do It Better, the project came to fruition when Eatherly's East Village basement studio, had a nightclub built directly on top of it. "All of a sudden there was this nightclub above our clubhouse." Eatherly explains. "The energy from upstairs & seeing hundreds of kids just wilding out every night, started seeping into what we were working on downstairs." Eatherly and friends channeled this energy into a new band called, "Club Intl". The band released their debut single "Crush" in May 2020 to critical acclaim from Pitchfork, The Guardian, Fader, and more... In February 2021, the group partnered with Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT) for a mix of their latest single "Never Be The Same".


Log in & leave the chaos of this world in your rear view mirror! Imagine a seance with Norma Jeane starring as Marilyn Monroe hosted by Julee Cruise. It's black lodge music for the blue youth of the Internet Age. Glüme is a shimmering new star in the Italians Do It Better galaxy. Lights. Camera. Action! Born & raised in Los Angeles, Glüme landed roles in The Blue Rose, 102 Dalmatians, and Kingdom Hearts. She is self-proclaimed as Walmart Marilyn...framed by the most vivid reds with the face of a doll. She is the choreographer, the editor, the dancer, the writer, & the audience.

P4K: Desire / Club Intl. / Glüme

09 Nov 2022


77A Charterhouse St

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