George Clanton doesn’t just produce gleaming electronic pop, he produces nostalgia too. Beyond hunting for the right melodies and textures, the Los Angeles artist is always searching for a sound that strikes a spiritual chord. In addition to making music, he runs the 100% Electronica record label with his fellow pop mutator and wife Neggy Gemmy. He also spearheads events, including weekly streams on Twitch. Under the monikers ESPRIT and Mirror Kisses, Clanton was a key figure of the early vaporwave scene. But beginning In 2015, he started working under his given name, starting over with an album that shared the same name as his freshly launched label. His 2018 follow-up, Slide, further revealed Clanton’s gift for deeply moving pop and now he’s focused on delivering a powerful sequel. The new album finds him both musically and personally matured. It’s an elegant merging of all his past selves—of stirring rock, sweeping shoegaze, and niche electronics—augmented with more complex layers and physical instruments. It’s also a journey inward as Clanton emphasizes personal reflection and self-improvement—themes he’s held close his whole career.


death's dynamic shroud have always been curious about what we can't see. Tech Honors, James Webster, and Keith Rankin make music that explores that sense of wonderment—emotional, experimental electronic work that fills gaps between the known and unknown. Full of richly textured layers of sound, songs like new single “Judgment Bolt” draw unsuspecting listeners into a place that’s simultaneously murky and neon, somber and playful. You feel a sense of new adventure, with a curious pang of déjà vu.


Neggy Gemmy’s (FKA Negative Gemini) heartfelt electronic pop is built around duality. The Los Angeles-based producer, singer, and songwriter, born Lindsey French is constantly shapeshifting as her interests and surroundings change: no two releases are quite alike. The breadth of her palette and the emotion in her storytelling is evident in her upcoming third album—especially in the vulnerable, reflective opener “California.” Making art that honestly reveals emotions, and provokes the same in listeners has long been the goal of her work, even outside of creating music. French runs the 100% Electronica label with artist and husband George Clanton, hosts a weekly VR livestream on Twitch, and does her own graphic design. After growing up moving around the US, French first found a musical home in Brooklyn’s underground electronic scene, and that energy echoes through the sweaty club beats of her 2016 album, Body Work. Her next EP, Bad Baby, shifted toward a lo-fi indie rock sound. These releases proved she’s a keen student of whatever genre she touches, no matter how niche. Recently, seeking another fresh start, French relocated to L.A. Ultimately, though, she makes a home where she always has: in her music.

P4K: George Clanton / Deaths Dynamic Shroud / Neggy Gemmy

10 Nov 2022


77A Charterhouse St

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