Lil Silva cut his teeth in his hometown Bedford grime scene as an affiliate of Macabre Unit, where equally fierce competition and camaraderie pushed producers to find their own sound in order to stand out. Slapping a beat tag on your instrumentals was, in many ways, cheating: fans should know it’s your record simply by the sound of the synths, snares, and structures deployed. For Lil Silva, there was no reason why the grime scene wouldn’t have its own Pharell, or Timbaland, or J Dilla. Even as he stepped sideways away from grime, that belief and ambition never left him. The anthem status of his late-noughties UK funky cuts ‘Seasons’ and ‘Pulse vs. Flex’ was as immediate as it has been enduring. Some songs are timeless; others will always feel like they’re coming from the future. This is, Lil Silva has discovered, his sonic trademark. The addition of his voice to his songs has only compounded this quality.


Ivy Sole (she/they) does not fit neatly into any one box—that uniqueness is their superpower. The 28-year old rapper-singer is a rare hybrid of sultry and soulful R&B paired with undeniable hip-hop lyricism. As a Charlotte, NC native and Brooklyn resident, Ivy’s sound draws on a diverse set of influences including southern rap, gospel, spoken-word poetry, boom bap and more.


Jeshi’s journey to making Universal Credit, his open-hearted and heavy-hitting debut album, began with a desire to take his music further, to say something he’d not yet said on EPs like 2020’s BAD TASTE or The Worlds Spinning Too Fast. He’d been making music his entire life but felt like he was coming up against the edges of what he had set out to do. There was only one answer; push and keep on pushing. The result is an album that acts as a radial act of empathy; looking out across society and attempting to bridge the divide between rich and poor. Universal Credit is an album that gifts humanity back to the demonised and lays bare the truth behind the prejudice; that nobody is immune from poverty or hardship and that luck plays a major role in everybody’s fate.



P4K: Lil Silva / Ivy Sole / Jeshi / Feux

09 Nov 2022

Village Underground

54 Holywell Ln

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