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Originally the solo project of Athens, Georgia-based visual artist Kristine Leschper in 2013, Mothers has since evolved with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Matthew Anderegg, guitarist Drew Kirby and later, Patrick Morales on bass. The band released their debut album When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired earlier this year through Wichita Recordings  - an introduction to the foundations  of the young band, snapshot of a particular period of their that maps both where they began and where they are heading - amassing plaudits both here and the US.


Well travelled sisters Holly and Coco Chant began gigging in earnest once they had moved  to  Maidstone, Kent. The music they create  is reflected in the places they’ve lived,  whether acoustic or full band, the sisters come armed with array of harmonies and melodies that highlight their superb vocal collaborations that  can be heard on the recent debut album, Sweetooth released through Sunday Best Recordings


Originally from Rome and having spent his youth in Ireland he decamped to Berlin. Dropping out of college in 2014 saw him focus on his musical career, busking in the city before hooking up with like-minded guitarist Felix A.Remm  and producer Robert Stephenson (Mighty Oaks). With plenty of live shows under his belt in Germany, he’s been described as something between folk and soul ;the result of a twisted mind and a beating loving heart  - this  show marks his debut in the UK.


Thom Sonny Green’s forthcoming record, High Anxiety manages to come across as simultaneously esoteric and unassuming. Receiving a toy drum kit at 3 years old, this early gift instilled in Thom a desire to play and create and his lack of formal education subsequently allowing him an idiosyncratic and distinctive style. However, unlike the raw physicality of alt-J performances, Thom explores a more cerebral side with this project demonstrating his complete artistry as songwriter, producer, and visual artist.

The debut record due for release on 19th of August illustrates diverse influences from Clams Casino, The Deftones, Arca and Radiohead. High Anxiety pulsates with powerful mechanics and tender consideration that are reflected in the video art. Each track is accompanied by a video co-created and directed by Nichola Farnan and Thom Sonny Green reflecting the sentiment and allowing the audience to be absorbed in Thom’s world.

Tickets are on sale now. 

[PIAS] NITES: Mothers / Xylaroo / Fil Bo Riva / Thom Sonny Green

17 Aug 2016

The Lexington

96-98 Pentonville Road
N1 9JB

7 PM


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