Hailing from across Canada and the UK, Montreal’s Pottery consists of core writers Austin Boylan and Jacob Shepansky, along with Peter Baylis, Paul Jacobs, and Tom Gould. Initially bonding over artists such as Orange Juice, Josef K and Devo, the band creates a sound that combines eclectic traces of post-punk, pop, and dance music, forming an unusual atmosphere that envelopes audiences. While often shrill and jarring, Pottery’s songs simultaneously engage listeners into a hypnotic state. It’s this dualism that binds them together, uncovering harmony within discord.


There’s a concept in Scandinavian society called the Law of Jante, which says individuals should downplay their achievements, blend in and support the group. The music of Danish band Yung serves as an urgent, screaming retort to that idea, the sound of young iconoclasts fighting against apathy. Led by 21-year-old frontman and songwriter Mikkel Holm Silkjær, the group hails from Aarhus, Denmark’s second city, a huge port, university town and ideal place to find like minds amid the industrial grit. On the forthcoming EP “These Thoughts Are Mandatory Chores,” they show themselves to be ambassadors of their country’s increasingly vital underground music scene. Anthemic guitars, coarse feedback and driving rhythm, insistent to the point of impatience, show angst acting as a powerful fuel for self-expression, gasoline poured on a fire already fed by youthful energy.


Tiña (pronounced ‘teen-ya’) are the enigmatic new band from South London formed around the burgeoning Brixton Windmill scene with a wonk pop, post punk sound that comes across familiar yet new. Made up of members of an assortment of acts including Bat-Bike, Uncle Tesco, Pet Grotesque and Goat Girl - the band features: Joshua Loftin (vox/guitar), George Rhys Davies (drums), Uncle Tesco (bass), Oliver R Lester (guitar), Calum Armstrong (keys) & Lottie (vox) whose sound recently was picked up by Dan Carey from Label Speedy Wunderground and are due to release a single this coming May.


Pottery / Yung / Tiña

16 May 2019

Doors: 7.30pm
Tiña: 8.10pm
Yung: 8.50pm
Pottery: 9.40pm

Sebright Arms

34 Coate St
E2 9AG



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