After teasing with a tiny show at the Black Heart, PABH return to headline Heaven this November.


Pulled Apart By Horses are less a gang and more one big fucked-up dysfunctional family. The Leeds quartet are a tightly-knit rock band who make music that thrills and menaces, their songs armed with suckerpunch riffs and zinging choruses. They formed in 2008 out of the ashes of various bands in Leeds. Since then they have existed in their own chaotic ecosystem, embarking on relentless tours around the world and stopping only to make 2010's punkily infectious self-titled debut and its snarling 2012 follow-up ‘Tough Love’ (produced by Gill Norton - Pixies/Foo Fighters etc.) . Everything they've done has been drenched in a sense of youthful recklessness, of all or nothing ardour. With third album ‘Blood’ they have taken things a step forward with wider musical and lyrical themes, embracing their love of psychedelic cinema and developing as a band whilst retaining the thrilling ‘Horses’sound.

For one of the hardest working bands in the UK it was a shock to their system when they finished touring ‘Tough Love’ and found themselves with an empty diary. Tom Hudson (guitar and vocals), James Brown (guitar), Rob Lee (bass vocals) and Lee Vincent (drums) had two options: rattle out another album in the mould of the previous two, thereby giving themselves the chance to rack up more motorway miles, or challenge themselves into taking their time and shaking things up. They went with the latter option, pledging to make a third recordthat, says Tom, would capture the rough playfulness of their debut and the “power and the balls” of ‘Tough Love’ whilst introducing new ideas and daring dynamics. “We wanted to do somethingdifferent cos it’s pointless regurgitating the same ideas,” says James.

Pulled Apart By Horses’ third album is called ‘Blood’ because this is what they are to each other: a family where Lee is the dad (“he wins all the arguments), James the mum (“he worries and just wants to make sure everyone is ok”) and Tom and Rob the errant children. It is a record about the bond between the four of them. ‘Tough Love’ was a reference to that kinship too, but the new record represents solidarity and strength. It’s an album that will bring Britain’s most exciting young rock band to a whole new audience. “We wanna prove we’re a serious band,” says James. “And not a serious band who’ve lost every bit of emotion, we’re still a bunch of yappy little terriers,” adds Tom. Pulled Apart By Horses can’t wait for you to hear the mind-blowing new album they’ve made. They are itching to be released from their stable.


Menace Beach make thunderous 90's influenced fuzz-pop, writing tunes which boast just as much melody as scuzzy energy. 

Tickets for this show are priced at £14 and go on-dsale 9am Friday 15th August from the following link:


TRAAMS formed in summer 2011 in the most unsuspectingly quaint surroundings of Chichester, West Sussex. They wrote one huge thunderous song during their first rehearsal that made spires quiver and cobbles wobble, and so Stu, Adam and Leigh decided to do this again every week. It seemed like a more productive pastime than how they first met, at the club night frontman Stu used to run, in what must have been the most exciting place in their hometown at that moment. From those darkened corners sprung forth the noisey, joyous krautrock squall that is TRAAMS.




Pulled Apart By Horses

28 Nov 2014

plus Menace Beach & TRAAMS. 




The Arches, Villiers Street



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