Radical Face will be returning with the second instalment of his Family Tree record series with 'The Family Tree: The Branches' in the fall along with a rare run of tour dates. This is Radical Face's first UK appearence since playing two sold out dates at The Lexington at the beginning of last year.

This second record of what will eventually be three stand alone records all tied together with the theme of a Family Tree follows the lineage of characters introduced in 'The Family Tree: The Roots'. Ben Cooper explains "I like storytelling, and wanted that to be the focus of these albums. I studied American history and genealogy charts for a frame of reference, then pulled from personal experiences and stitched it all together. And like stories, the themes and melodies will mutate and become more embellished with each album in the set."

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Rickolus had a guitar at age 7, learned every song in the Ritchie Valens catalog by age 8. He taught himself the piano, Bach and "Chopsticks" in D minor. He recorded an album a day for 13 years in a green shed, 4,748 albums. Most albums will never be heard. His soon to be released "Troubadour" is a double-album ode to his wife and to his marriage. 

All tickets for this show are now SOLD OUT. 


Radical Face

12 Nov 2013

Union Chapel

Compton Terrace
N1 2XD



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