The Jacksonville, Florida native embarked on a series of “Family Tree” albums, which trace the fantastical lives of a 19th century family, whose blood flows with special abilities that range from seeing spirits to bringing the dead back to life. Their secrets bind them together, a warm flame held against a harsh world. “When I started, I thought I would do three EPs, but it ran away with me. I didn’t know I was signing up for an eight-year project.” The latest installment, The Family Tree: The Leaves (March 2016), continues the narrative of the supernatural brood, offering a polished, textured sound entirely crafted by Cooper, who plays nearly all the instruments on the album. His DIY-ethic, which was forged in the early days with a four-track in his family’s back shed, has evolved into a lushly orchestrated album featuring his boyfriend, Josh Lee on strings.

“The first record, The Roots, starts the smallest. The lyrics were all verbal storytelling, and it focused on small sounds, a floor tom, an acoustic guitar, and a piano,” he says. “Then each record it would get more broad, and it’d expand. The second one, The Branches, was all about written letters, and the third, The Leaves, is more cinematic. It’s a time period of film and photographs.”


Austin Basham is an independent folk singer songwriter from Austin, Texas. His music showcases an imaginative range and combination of instruments that fuse together in an uncanny cohesion. His lyrics & melodies, coupled with a depth of harmony, offer a glimpse into the earnestness and candor of a twenty-something's navigation of life, love, and loss.

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Radical Face / Austin Basham

22 Nov 2016

+ Special Guests


275 Pentonville Rd
N1 9NL



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