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OnOctober 17th 2011,New Jersey’s Real Estate will release Days, their second album and first for Domino. A coming of age moment for childhood friends Martin Courtney (Guitar and Vocals), Matt Mondanile (Guitar) and Alex Bleeker (Bass), Days was recorded over the course of five patient months in a remote New Paltz, NY barn-cum-studio with the help of Kevin McMahon (Titus Andronicus, The Walkmen.) A gorgeous suite of guitar-pop songs, Days is a testament to the fact that the sonic formula Real Estate developed and shared with their debut album (Real Estate, Woodsist 2009) heralded the arrival of a new, genuine and enduring group of voices in American independent music. Days sees the band tighten and refine their brand of timeless, melodic and genuine music- consolidating the breezy sketches of their earlier work into considered, graceful pop songs.

“what sets Real Estate apart from the rest of the herd is how evergreen its beauty can be… this is a band whose chemistry and technical gifts suggest there's more coming down the pipeline”Pitchfork


Twin Sister met while playing in various bands across both coasts of Long Island throughout their teenage years, each spied on one another covetously, while Andrea Estella (vocals) and Eric Cardona (guitar, vocals) formed an intense song writing bond, around which the core of the band’slyrics and imagery are built.  When their other projects fizzled, Twin Sister inevitably formed, and the band began posting demos and ideas freely to their website with remarkable consistency.Polishing their favorites,they released ‘Color Your Life’ EP in 2010 and toured relentlessly, earning praise for their raucous live show in equal measure with a torrent of fawning record reviews. 

As might be implied by the title, the debut studio album ‘In Heaven’ improves on 2010‘s critical darling ‘Color Your Life’ EP in every possible way, showcasing the band’s wildly imaginative song writing paired with flawless execution, by way of intense dedication to both musicianship and recording. While that record is a beautiful struggle against the realities of recording in apartments and between day jobs, ‘In Heaven’ is the band unfettered by limitations - it is them treaking across a highwire under complete and total control.

'Twin Sister songsare dreamy, spare andlanguorous. Theyunfurl slowly, buildingonepieceat a time...'New York Times

‘their songs have a remarkable sense of atmosphere and romanticism’Pitchfork


Trailer Trash Tracys – aka Suzanne Aztoria, Jimmy Lee, Adam Jaffrey and Dayo James –rose to prominence with the spiralling debut “Candy Girl/ You Wish You Were Red”, which went on to be championed by the likes of Guardian and Dazed and Confused. Taking their cues from wide, varied influences and interests such as 'solfeggio harmonics, the transitionary period of analogue to digital in Western pop music and Sufi Poetry'", the quartet make kaleidoscopic yet otherworldly pop songs, a beautiful clash of exquisite and dissonant, loaded with tension and seemingly hovering on the brink of collapse.

Both potent andpoignant” The Fader

Tickets for this show are now SOLD OUT. 

Real Estate Twin Sister

25 Oct 2011


The Garage

20-22 Highbury Corner
N5 1RD



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