Hundred Acres finds Carey at his most confident, mature, and grounded, writing the strongest songs of his career. At its core, the album is a poetic treatise on what is truly necessary in life, a surprisingly utilitarian art project that underscores the power of enduring. Carey challenges himself and the listener to strive for a near-utopian ideal of returning to a simpler way of life, and loving those around you, to heal personal wounds.

Carey employed a smaller, more focused scale of instrumentation on Hundred Acres, centered around guitar, synths, pedal steel, strings, drums and percussion, with his soothing vocals front and center -- more distinct than ever. In effect, the album’s production echoes its underlying message: the beauty in simplicity. Relying on more traditional song structures instead of the Steve Reich-ian repetitions of his past work, a new balance is struck that creates something unique. The result is a collection of poetic yet clear-eyed songs that both stand brightly on their own and tightly weave together to create a powerful album.


Born in December 1988, Will Samson is a British-born musician currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

Since the release of Balance in 2012 (mastered by Nils Frahm & released by Karaoke Kalk), Will has been exploring the spaces between ambient, electronic, experimental & folk music. His long-held love and fascination with the sounds of tape that were presented on this early album still remain a central feature of his music.

Balance was shortly followed up in 2013 with the EP Light Shadows. The four songs introduced the use of subtle electronics and violins – which gradually developed and grew to become prominent features in the succeeding solo album, Ground Luminosity.

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S. Carey / Will Samson

04 Oct 2018

Doors: 7.30pm
Will Samson: 8pm
S. Carey: 9pm

Cecil Sharp House

2 Regent's Park Rd, Camden Town


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