School of X​ borrows his moniker from Eksskole - Copenhagen’s anti-establishment art school from the 1960s. A Danish collective of experimental artists, the group featured ​Andy Warhol​ collaborator ​Jørgen Leth​, the art historian ​Troels Andersen​, and artists ​Poul Gernes​, and ​Per Kirkeby​. “It was about learning from each other and being progressive,” explains School of X, aka. Danish producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist ​Rasmus Littauer​. ​“There were no labels - anyone could join. That philosophy is so cool and I really admire all those artists.”

Based in Copenhagen, School of X has forged his own collective with a similar ethos. He has a studio in the district of Nørrebro with friend and fellow producer Vera, and runs in the same circles as Yangze, Vasco, and Liss. It’s a supportive atmosphere rich with collaboration, and after years of touring the world as a live drummer, the multi-talented artist is striking out with that spirit in mind.
Though a solo EP by name, ​Destiny​ remains a collaborative effort by nature. School of X’s musician brothers ​Jakob​ and ​Simon Littauer​ both contributed to the record as a whole, and Copenhagen-based guitarist ​Rune Risager ​lends a yearning guitar solo to the lovestruck waltz ‘Heaven’. Elsewhere, ​Ana Perrote​ appears as the sole voice on closing track 'Mi Sueño Favorito'. Her understated spoken-word sample provides, in Littauer’s words, ​“the answer to the confusion and heartbreak in all of the other songs.”

Self-produced by School of X and mixed by​ Chris Tabron​ (​The Strokes​, ​Kelela​, ​Beyoncé​) ‘Destiny’ is assembled from hundreds of musical vignettes, recorded over the course of a year and a half of touring. Littauer brought his “small ideas” back to Copenhagen, and the tension between familiar surroundings and the unpredictable nature of the road went on to shape the whole record. ​“There’s a synergy between the life I have in Copenhagen and the life I have abroad,”​ he explains.​ “You feel like you’re growing, and you feel like you’re opening your mind to other people, and then when I come home I'm able to collect that and wrap my brain around it.“

School of X

11 Mar 2020

+ special guests

Sebright Arms

Coate St
E2 9AG



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