Growing up in the tiny village of Frillesås on the western coast of Sweden, an hour or so from Gothenburg, Wästberg began playing music at an early age. “I started with the cello, but I was too young,” he recalls. “It was boring, and I think my teacher was depressed. So I quit, and at the age of 10 I started to play sax. My other brothers” – Wästberg is the oldest of four – “also played instruments, so we had a piano, a bass, a guitar and even a drum kit for a couple of years. I played along to records on all of them.” Armed with this knowledge, it’s perhaps less bewildering to learn that Wästberg played almost all the instruments on his debut, including drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion, clarinets, and saxophone. “Everything except the bagpipe and the harmonica,” Wästberg smiles. “Those I captured with my iPhone.”

We are very excited to welcome Sir Was back to London for a show at Birthdays on 11 April.


"[Landlady] joins a lineage of New York City art­rock bands that transmute existential questions and primal fears into exultant songs, bands like Talking Heads, TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors." - Jon Pareles, New York Times

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Sir Was / Landlady

11 Apr 2017

+ Landlady


33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington
N16 8BJ



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