After toil and graft, the effervescent Spring King have announced their debut album Tell Me If You Like To - set for release by Island records on 10th June.

With no desire to relinquish control, the album was recorded and produced by the band’s talisman Tarek Musa at Chapel Studios and mixed at the infamous bathroom / Bungalow Beach Studios. It flips dark lyrical content with an uplifting and high tempo; being chaotic, yet bold, defined and driving to the end. The band and album possess a raw energy that tears its way through garage sensibilities, whilst combining pop felt melodies and leaving everything in its wake.

Possessing the same 100mph, blink-and-you-missed-it spirit as their early tracks, title track ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ being a perfect example, the record is coupled with moments of stark clarity. New single ‘The Summer’, a song they see as a homage to their heroes The Beach Boys, showcases the band’s ability to pen huge festival worthy hits, whilst ’Rectifier’ and ‘Demons’ wrestle with themes of fear and paranoia.

Ultimately Spring King like party songs with a melancholic edge. Tarek vividly remembers summertime as a teen, guitar songs blaring out car stereos and soundtracking the reckless parties he’d host in his empty house. “I want this record to be that moment in other people’s lives.” With a desire to shun the fast route and after 200 gigs of being an unsigned band, to being made the first (and unsigned) band to be played on BEATS 1 while picking up support from media across the globe, incl. Radio 1, 6Music, Triple J, NPR, The Guardian, DIY, Stereogum and hitting the road with the likes of FIDLAR, Wolf Alice, Slaves and Courtney Barnett, Spring King’s journey is one of wonderment and is that of the unsung hero.

Needless to say, they are without a doubt one of the UK's exciting new guitar bands Perseverance is everything Spring King are and continue to be. From start to finish Tell Me If You Like To captures their journey to get to this point; building on their early promise and surpassing all expectations as they head straight for the top.


Kagoule – whose name was chosen because they “wanted something with ‘O’ in the middle, to look good on posters” – are a creative triangle, with each member bringing something unique. A sussed young man wise beyond his years, Cai writes the songs and pulls it all together. Bassist and co-vocalist Lucy is the face of the band, a vocal yang to Cai’s yin, and in possession of “a strong bullshit filter.” Having never played a bass before, she was asked to join the band on strength of personality alone. “She stood out at school,” says Burns. “She just couldn’t be told what to do by anybody. Without her we’d be a bunch of awkward moody dudes. She’s ace and people actually want to talk to her after the show.”

Drummer Lawrence creates all the band’s artwork, an element that they see as integral to their output. “Somehow the aesthetics of medieval England have seeped into this band, and that’s partially reflected in Lawrence’s art,” says Burns. “Old alchemy books gave us ideas and we wanted to bring that style back and make it modern by using pastel colours. Lawrence was always drawing in school. Proper weird shit; teachers would be mortified. Right from the beginning the artwork has evolved at the same time as the music so it’s an integral part of Kagoule, though he is only finally starting to accept that he’s a true artist.”


GET INUIT are a dirty indie pop band from the South East of England, Kent specifically. The band are quickly becoming one of the most talked about acts in the UK and with a debut album on its way, 2016 is going to be the year of the Inuit.

Tickets are on sale now.

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Spring King / Kagoule / Get Inuit

28 Oct 2016

+ Get Inuit


1A Camden High Street



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