Starcrawler are a Los Angeles rock & roll band formed one year ago when Arrow de Wilde first met Henri Cash on the high school yard in Echo Park. The rhythm section of Austin Smith and Tim Franco, found on the streets of Hollywood, soon followed. They play rock & roll music heavy and loud, and their incendiary performances resemble the the children of the Cramps, the Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, and Alice Cooper.

In the spring, their single Ants will be released on Rough Trade Records worldwide alongside the B-Side Used to Know. The song, written days after they first played together and recorded with producer Steven McDonald (Red Kross), was quickly discovered by London DJ Matt Wilkinson and debuted on Apple Beats One radio just as the band was playing their first few shows. The DJ loved it so much, he played it twice in a row. Soon after, it found it’s way to Sir Elton John who spun it on his “Rocket Hour” radio program, as well as to Zane Lowe who played it to further accolades. The song, documenting the unhinged beginnings of the group taking their first steps into the public eye, has already found its way into a UniQlo commercial and it's forthcoming release on Rough Trade will bring the band overseas to the UK for the first time. Concurrently, Starcrawler has spent the last few months with famed producer Ryan Adams at his Hollywood studio Pax Am completing their first full length LP due out later this year. The record hits hard like the classic debuts of so many of the greatest bands; 10 songs in under 30 minutes. Building on the groundswell of attention and hype already surrounding them, 2017 promises to be a very big year for Starcrawler. The band consists of Arrow de Wilde on lead vocals, Henri Cash on guitar, Austin Smith on drums, and Tim Franco on bass. 


Starsha Lee is a high pitch vocal register with the plausible intention of been the iconoclast of every portrait of mankind. A post-Duchamp inconvenient sound for inconvenient people.


Haze are an alternative-garage four-piece from Oxford. Releasing their debut EP ‘Digital Fulfilment' in 2016.

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Starcrawler / Starsha Lee / Haze

05 Sep 2017

Boston Music Room

178 Junction Rd
N19 5QQ



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