Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert (bass & synthesizer) and Leo Taylor (drums) have been working together as The Invisible for the last six years, though their musical collaborations stretch back much further. The trio met as teenagers, and, over a decade or so, they crossed over again and again, gigging, jamming, working as session players and supporting each other’s band projects.

Their new album, “Rispah,” is, in the words of Okumu, “a love letter to grief.” Mid-way through recording a follow-up to their debut, Okumu’s mother passed away and the band’s plans and aesthetic were thrown into turmoil. As Okumu remembers it, “I couldn't engage with music for a long period. The moment it returned to me was at my mum's funeral, which lasted several days. One evening, during the wake, my grandmother Zilpa, my mother's mum, arrived at our home accompanied by a group of women singing traditional spirituals. They approached my mother's body and sang over it, dancing around her coffin. It was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. They transformed the atmosphere with sound and the spirit they brought to it. They were celebrating life and death, grief and hope, all things. This act was allowing everyone present to express themselves. It served as the most potent reminder of everything I believe about music. It's there for everybody, it's inclusive and transformative. I'm so glad these voices are stitched through our record."

When not working on The Invisible, they are involved in everything from co-writing and producing Jessie Ware's album (Okumu), playing as a member of British post-jazz legends Polar Bear (Herbert) or drumming on much of Adele's world-crushing second album 21. They have also played live and recorded with a dizzying roll call of musicians that runs from St Vincent in the Tom Waits tribute 'Rain Dogs Revisited', the Britten Symphonia, Jack De Johnette, Matthew Herbert, Hot Chip, Zongamin, Gramme and many others. The Invisible remains closest to the heart of what the trio are about as musicians, though, as the beauty and emotional intelligence of 'Rispah' clearly demonstrates.

“If only more bands out there knew that the possibilities are this many, and this magnificent” The Quietus

The Invisible is set to blow an invigoration blast of fresh air through the convention-bound halls of pop” Time Out


Hejira are a band arising out of London consisting of Sam Beste, Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, Alex Reeve and Alexis Nunez.   This group of multi-instrumentalists cut their category destroying sound with psychedelic guitars, bisexual vocals and orchestral percussion, creating an atmosphere which is at once apocalyptic and hopeful.  Matthew Herbert co-produced their debut album, which is due in 2013.  The debut single ‘Gypsy Of The Soul’ will be released on 15th October, on 7” (no digital) with a remix from The Invisible.

All tickets for this show are completely SOLD OUT.

The Invisible

17 Oct 2012


Corsica Studios

4/5 Elephant Road
SE17 1LB



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