Even though they may sound more like some lost outfit from the depths of mid-sixties Texas than a bunch of scruffy kids from the streets of 21st Century Brooklyn, The Mystery Lights combine relentless enthusiasm, and a knack for a hook into an all-action rock n roll combo for the here and now. Their first single pairs a ridiculously catchy neo-teenbeat number "Too Many Girls" (our protagonist surrounded by a feminine throng he can't control) with the snaking psych-blues of "Too Tough To Bear", featuring the band dragging their squalling guitars deep into swampland. Though it was recorded to 8-track tape at Daptone's legendary House of Soul by Daptone studio superstar Wayne Gordon and mixed by Bosco Mann, it was the cutting engineer JJ Golden who called it "the hottest record I ever cut."


Sons of Raphael are brothers Loral and Ronnel Raphael from London.
Their throats are opened graves, they use their tongues to deceive.


Meat Candy formed in the summer of 2016 in London, England. With a common thrill for 70’s prog and modern psychedelic music, they got together at 123 studios in Peckham with Brett Shaw to record their first EP titled “Pursuit of Sounds”. Days after recording, Meat Candy quickly grabbed the attention of Dirty Melody Records which led to a vinyl release in March 2017 with a successful sold out EP release show at the London Fields Brewery. After sharing the stage with international bands such as Wand, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Thee MVPs and Mr. Airplane Man, the highly engaging and loud shows of the band retained minds of music peers, promoters and industry. Meat Candy is set to release their first full length album in 2018.

The Mystery Lights / Sons of Raphael / Meat Candy

25 Jul 2018

The 100 Club

100 Oxford St



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