The Shivers is the moniker for the New York singer-songwriter Keith Zarriello. In 2004, Zarriello released the album Charades featuring the song Beauty, bringing the band to the attention of the music media. Over the last decade the band has amassed a growing cult following including the likes of Aaron Paul, Daniel Radcliffe, Rose McIver, Tessa Thompson and bands like Deer Tick and Foster the People.

"Certain songs can seem like home the very first time you hear them. The way that by the time you reach the second verse, you want to move in and live between their walls, you want to kiss them until they agree to marry you. I had that very day been gifted such a track – a song named Beauty, which appeared on the Shivers’ debut album Charades" - Guardian


Drug Store Romeos deliver hypnotising, dreamy and ethereal music. Their woozy dream pop focuses on creating a hypnagogic atmosphere and intensity, rather than throwing pocketfuls of effects pedals at the wall to see what sticks. Instead, the trio are magnetised to the collection of synths and various other esoteric instruments from a bygone era. Since meeting at college over a shared love of ‘outsider music’, songwriting has been a collaborative process - accompanied by a mix of psychedelics and social awkwardness, with echoes of influences such as Galaxie 500, Broadcast and The Space Lady. Melanchonic ‘mood’ music for swaying in the gloaming.


Forced Random is the music exploits of London based Oliver Girdler.
The elliptical explorations that characterised his early work (‘I’m Still Here If You Want Me’ EP & ‘Overthink Overact Overshare’ EP) have evolved into something quite different than that which preceded it.

Full of confidence and musically assured, these songs provide a snapshot in time in which the vulnerability of the self competes with the brutal Darwinism of our age.

We must all evolve or become obsolete – technologically/romantically/culturally/musically.

The Shivers / Drug Store Romeos / Forced Random

26 Jan 2018

The Finsbury

336 Green Lanes, Harringay
N4 1BY



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